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Spirit of Peace can only function with the dedicated work of its team members and volunteers. Our national and international team is as follows.

Heather-Jane Ozanne
Founder and CEO

Heather-Jane Ozanne has a BA Hons degree in Sociology and a Post Graduate Qualification in Social Work. Other qualifications include training in counselling, spiritual accompaniment, pastoral work and courses relating to peace and nonviolence. She has many years of experience as a social worker in the London Boroughs of Wandsworth and Haringey.

Heather-Jane also has considerable experience working in and running programmes in retreat and conference centres within the UK.

Her long term experience and commitment to community work and peace building resulted in Heather-Jane responding to a call for support from the Jerusalem Peacemakers (grassroots peace builders in the Holy Land) over a decade ago. After many years of working with peacebuilders in the Middle East, Heather-Jane founded Spirit of Peace in 2007.

She is currently developing and delivering the Pathways for Peace Citizen Training Programme as well as being engaged in community cohesion work in the UK and working in the field of peace building with colleagues in the Middle East. She is also a Founding Advocate of Civil-isation.

Anne Davies
Chair of Trustees

Anne Davies was founder and CEO of the charity Jigsaw4u. Anne currently leads an international charity, Strong Voices and is honourary Executive Director of the Manchester Centre for the Study of Christianity and Islam. She is committed to the multi-disciplinary and inter-faith understanding. Anne works to provide therapeutic support and intervention for victims of persecution, trafficking and abuse across the world.

As Chair of trustees her focus is on ensuring the effective governance of Spirit of Peace and she seeks to promote and sustain its work and ethos.

Barbara Payman
Trustee and Coventry Local Contact

Barbara Payman has a BSc in Zoology (University of Hull) and a PhD in Ethology (Animal Behaviour)(University of Birmingham). In 1989 Barbara’s developing interest in the well-being of people led her to switch focus and undertake a training in Psychotherapy and Counselling. In 1997 she qualified as a Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA) and became a Registered Psychotherapist with the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapists. She has worked in private practice for over twenty years.

From a Jewish background, Barbara is passionate about promoting Inter-Faith understanding and in working for peace, both at an individual, community and global level. She became a trustee with Spirit of Peace in March 2010, feeling particularly engaged with the situation in the Middle East. She visited the region in 2009, meeting with partners of Spirit of Peace. She is also involved in organising local Spirit of Peace events where she lives (Coventry and Warwickshire), most recently in an exciting joint venture with ‘Playbox Theatre’ for young people. Barbara is particularly concerned with the area of healing trauma. She heartfully supports the objectives of Spirit of Peace in promoting peace, acceptance and understanding among our wonderfully diverse global population, in our local communities and at the level of us as individuals.

More recently, Barbara’s passion for spiritual growth for herself, others and the global community has led her to start training as an Interfaith Minister with the Interfaith Foundation in London.

Milly Sinclair

Milly Sinclair has a BA degree in English and Drama and a post graduate diploma in Dramatherapy. She also has professional systemic coaching diploma.

Milly was director of her consultancy company, Creative Edge, for 14 years. For the last five years she has been director of Milly Sinclair Associates: www.millysinclair.com. She has worked in many organisations, charities and not for profits such as Oxfam and Oxford University. She has also worked for corporates like Unicredit Bank and Easyjet.

She specialises in conflict resolution, non-violent communication, mediation and developing relationships in the workplace. With a passion for reconciliation through “reconciling self to self and self to others”, she believes it is only through a deep understanding and acceptance of oneself, even the difficult bits, that you can truly reconcile yourself to others. This belief is the core of all she does.

Milly is supporting Heather-Jane Ozanne in developing the ‘Pathways for Peace’ training programme, the core practices of Spirit of Peace, and exploring ways to introduce them to a wider audience. She has been a trustee for five years and has been very involved with Spirit of peace in interfaith and community work in Gloucestershire where she lives.

Sheikh Ghassan Manasra
Muslim International Advisor

Ghassan is a spiritual teacher. He has a unique presence that brings a deep, warm but cheerful atmosphere to his talks, which helps connect people to ‘that’ something deep within themselves.’

He is a writer, expert in Sufi dream interpretation, and a scholar of Islamic writers, especially the works of Rumi and Ibn Arabi.

Ghassan is deeply engaged in peace-work and interfaith dialogue. He speaks from the depth of his own experience and journey. He lectures internationally, aiding audiences to develop their own peace-building skills as well as providing ‘on the ground’ knowledge and background about the situation in Israel-Palestine.

A scholar of Islam, his focus is taking the universal themes of Islamic theology and applying them to interfaith dialogue and conflict resolution. He also teaches spiritual workshops on the ‘Way of the Heart’ and spiritual and personal development.

Ghassan grew up in Nazarath. He is the son of Sheikh Abdel Salaam Manasra, the head of the Qadiri Sufi order in the Holy Land. He is ordained as a sheikh and has a BA in Islamic Studies and Arabic literature from the Hebrew University.

Eliyahu McLean
Jewish International Advisor

Jerusalem resident Eliyahu McLean has years of experience in building bridges between people of all faiths and communities in the Holy Land.

He has a special role in creating sacred spaces where Israelis and Palestinians of all points of view can begin to open their hearts in a way which leads to transformation and a recognition of the rights of the ‘other’.

“People ask me ‘Are you right wing or left wing?’ I reply, ‘It takes two wings to fly… and we can fly when we yearn and work together towards harmony and wholeness, when we speak from the heart and learn to respect each other’s differences. Then, true peace can come to all of us who are blessed and destined to share this Holy Land together.”

Eliyahu is the inter-religious advisor and on the core staff of the ‘On the Way to Sulha’ annual reconciliation gatherings in the Holy Land. These events bring together thousands of Israelis, Palestinians, and peacemakers from around the world. This helps to rebuild trust and kindle hope for healing between the children of Abraham.

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