Pathways for Human Flourishing

Pathways for Human Flourishing is a training programme which has a heart centred approach to creating a culture of peace and human flourishing, applicable to interpersonal, family, community, business and global relationships. The Pathways have been developed drawing on ancient wisdom and contemporary grassroots experience in the UK, as well as from collaboration with Spirit of Peace’s partners in The Middle East. The Pathways also draw on the work of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and others.

Eli Pariser, president of the MoveOn organisation points to the need for generalists, as well as specialists – people who can draw all the strands together. The Pathways training helps us to develop the skills to become ‘societal connective tissue’. In the body connective tissue supports the organs provides a framework, connects all kind of tissue and delivers nutrients. In our communities this training can help us become artisans of positive connection and peaceful change leading to a world oriented towards the common good rather than unbridled individualism, extremism and unhealthy controlling interests.

Maggie Whiteley – change agent consultant and coach has evaluated the Pathways:

There are a multitude of seemingly unsolvable problems facing humanity at the moment. How can we engage in these difficult issues in a heartfelt way without getting lost in hopelessness and despair?

The Pathways allow us to negotiate and explore these difficult territories. They are like raised walkways above the mire, firm under our feet as we navigate our way into understanding what we need to do to become channels for justice, peace and healing, however difficult the situation that faces us. Treading the Pathways means we can move into the most difficult of territories without getting bogged down in the mire.

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