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The listening conversation in Stroud is usually held every 3rd Monday of the month at The Christian Community, 7p.m for 7.30p.m till 9p.m. Snacks and drinks – as a bring and share – are offered before and after the meeting.

This group started a few years ago, after the visit of Spirit of Peace Partners Sheikh Ghassan Manasra and Ibrahim Issa of the Hope Flower school, when they came to Stroud and introduced to us their style of “conversation cafe”. In these, people would come together, from all paths of spiritual beliefs or non, “just” out of a wish to meet, converse and understand ‘the other’.

This inspired Larry Leighton and Malcolm Alsop to introduce such conversations regularly (for 7 years now ) and create together a warm circle attempting to truly listen together – to create a space – and let come, out of this quality what emerges. This living process strengthens our common humanity and makes us all appreciate our differences .It is not “pub chat” but rather deeper and reflective exchange. No one tryes to convert or persuade anyone else or to judge them.

Sometimes we have a theme, sometimes not but always a rich sharing developpes – listening in between the words – listening to the after image~ creating a vessal together for more Peace and Brotherliness in the world.

These evenings are warming, strengthening and inspiring helping us to stand in the world with more awareness, consciousness, courage and responsability.

Juliette Elgably-Leighton and Larry Leighton

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