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News of Newnham Circle of Peace – a Spirit of Peace affiliated group.

The Newnham Circle of Peace was formed less than a year ago to answer the need for a Peace Group in the Forest of Dean and to bring together those of us for who wish to respond prayerfully and meditatively to the call for peace. We meet regularly and are privileged to be able to use the Newnham Peace Garden for vigils and meditation events. Further information can be obtained from Margaret Coles (01594 510949) or Elyn Mitchell (01594 517340).

About Newnham Circle of Peace

In 2013, Margaret Coles was made aware of the terrible crisis which was taking place in Syria. She saw pictures of people starving, being tortured, living in fear. Her response was to organise the first of what has been a series of candle-lit vigils for peace – not only in Syria but in our world. Others have joined with her and have helped and supported, not only the vigils, but events at the Asha Centre to mark World Peace.

During one of the vigils we were privileged to meet Balkis Khazem, a Palestinian woman who, with her daughters, was staying at the Grange Village. She is part of several women’s peace groups in her home area and was interested in forming links with our group. At this point the idea of formalising the group became a reality – the Newnham Circle of Peace was on its way. The idea was strengthened following discussion with Spirit of Peace, in Gloucester in the hope that we could both support, and be supported, by them.

Newnham Circle of Peace intends to hold meditations and sessions to exchange thoughts and ideas, investing in the treasure trove of Peace. The group has now met on several occasions. Margaret’s intention of meditations and regular ‘exchange sessions’ appeals to us all as a way forward – in addition we may feel moved to respond in other ways to specific concerns and welcome the freedom to do this.

Since our initial meeting we have become part of the national Spirit of Peace movement and this provides us with a network of contacts – both individuals and other organisations

“Between darkness and light I will always walk, And in every place that I walk, I will open a window, a window of light And will plant a seed of love.”

These words were written by Maureen Brodie in the spirit of reconciliation in Palestine and reflect the Jewish and Arab tradition of tearing fabric during grief, then on the second day planting olive stones to represent new beginnings.

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