Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Resolution (KNCR)

For a number of years we have been working with internationally renowned conflict resolution specialist Dr Yehoeshafaht Ben Israel to facilitate this amazing training programme in the UK. The programme is based on the work of Dr Martin Luther King and has been widely presented in schools, community groups and prisons in the UK and abroad.

Participants on our UK trainings have commented as follows:

“Life changing experience. This course should be compulsory in schools. A great structured system to understand the dynamics of violence and peace. A masterpiece. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity”

“For me personally, who comes from Rwanda, a country ravaged by a multifarious violence in its recent tragic history of war and genocide against the Tutsi, the course came too late. However, as we are going still through the process of national reconciliation, reflections on the Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation can help understanding where we went wrong and draw lessons in order to apply its principles and steps to help in the situations of conflict at home and in the Great Lakes Region.

Individuals, statutory bodies and non- governmental organisations could benefit from the awareness created by all who can embrace the philosophy and methodology shown in the course”

“During this conference the participants had this material presented as a practical strategy that can be learned and practiced in our society. The whole concept was delivered with flair and brilliance…”

We are now planning to introduce this training in schools in Kent and the South East

About this project

This project aims to teach young people life skills which enable them to manage conflict in relationships without resorting to any forms of violence. The training will be delivered to local schools and youth groups through inspirational talks followed by workshops which impart the necessary life skills.

We would like to thank the Co-op Local Community Fund for helping Spirit of Peace to deliver this training.

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