Flourishing Communities: Pathways for Human Flourishing Programme Overview at The Grange

We were delighted to visit The Grange Community, Gloucestershire again in July to share an overview of our Pathways for Human Flourishing programme. The training
was very well received and enabled the participants to share their understanding of a “Flourishing Community” with renewed depth and understanding.

One of the participants when asked what she had learnt said’  “We learned about the Heart!”And she went on “The Heart is in the centre just like the Sun. The plants would never grow from seed to fruit if they did not have the rays of the sun to give them light and warmth. So does Human Flourishing. We can not flourish without our Heart “

See link to Pathways for Human Flourishing Programme details and/or https://www.cvt.org.uk/communities/grange-village for more details.

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