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Peace Centre, Nazareth

Anwar al Salaam (Lights of Peace) Society

Anwar al Salaam was established in 2001, in the centre of Nazareth. It was set up as a Peace Centre, at a time when the tensions in Nazareth and throughout Israel/Palestine were high and it has many years experience in bringing diverse communities together for dialogue and shared activities.

The centre is run by Sufi spiritual leaders, who are reaching out to the whole community. There are two main tracks to their work:

1. Dialogue within Islam

2. Dialogue with other faith and community groups

Their work has included projects at different levels of society including with Educators, Religious Leaders, families and civil society leaders.

The director of the centre is Sheikh Ghassan Manasra (pictured above), who has experience of dialogue with all levels of society, nationally and internationally. The centre has partnerships with Temple University (Philadelphia) Dialogue Institute and Spirit of Peace.

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