Spirit of Peace Community Bring & Share Supper

Is there really a them?

Date: Monday 22nd May 2017

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friendship Cafe, Chequers Bridge, Painswick Road, Gloucester GL4 6PR

Starting at 7pm at the Friendship Cafe, Chequers Bridge, Painswick Road, Gloucester, the evening promises to be an important and inspirational experience.

We are delighted to be welcoming Ben Yeger from the organisation Combatants for Peace, which brings together Israeli and Palestinian ex-combatants to work for peace.

From the prism of his personal experience Ben will address the following question: Are we separate entities or intrinsically interconnected with all things and beings? Our education encourages a sense of separation of "Us from Them" in Human-to-Human, Human to Nature and Human to Spirit relationships. But is this true?

Ben grew up in Israel with the narrative that "I have an enemy who wants me destroyed, who I must fight, to protect myself." An ex-combatant in the Israeli army, over the last 9 years Ben has been working with the 'Enemy', exploring the possibility that everything is interconnected and interdependent and that this story isn't true. There is no "Them" - only "We".

In this talk, he shares his personal story of how he came to this realization. He will also show a trailer for the film 'Disturbing the Peace' which focusses on the work of the ex-combatants. Ben Yeger is the European representative of Combatants for Peace ( and Director of Moving Conflicts ( He was a TEDx speaker in Warwick in 2013:

There is plenty of parking at the venue. Everyone is warmly invited to bring food to share, which does not contain alcohol or meat, to share.

Admission is free; however, donations are invited for the ongoing work of Spirit of Peace and Combatants for Peace.


Working together beyond division

We offer two dates to choose from:

Date: Sunday 5th February 2017

Time: 2.30 - 5pm

Venue: Old Town Hall, High Street, Stroud GL5 1AP

Date: Tuesday 7th February 2017

Time: 6.30 - 9pm

Venue: Friendship Café, Chequers Bridge, Painswick Road, Gloucester GL4 6PR

  • How do we create a culture of peace and human flourishing in this time of social upheaval and division?
  • How do we collectively orientate ourselves towards the common good?
  • How do we become channels of justice, peace and healing in whatever circumstances we face?
  • What is mine to do? What is ours to do? How do we discover our personal and collective action?

Pathways for Human Flourishing

Pathways for Human Flourishing is a training programme developed by Spirit of Peace to support heart centred community cohesion, social engagement and action. The Pathways have been developed drawing on ancient wisdom and contemporary grassroots experience in the UK, as well as from collaboration with Spirit of Peace's partners in The Middle East.

These events will give an overview of all the pathways, as a preparation for:

  • a full training
  • tailored elements of the course that can further support and resource individuals and groups to work in the community

As this is an introduction, the event will be funded by donation to cover costs, recommended to be between £10-£15. However, we want all people to feel welcome whatever they can afford.

For further information or to book please email:


Date: Monday 6th February 2017

Time: 7.00 - 9pm

Venue: Friendship Café, Chequers Bridge, Painswick Road, Gloucester GL4 6PR

We warmly invite you to attend our next Bring and Share Supper. It promises to be an important and inspiring evening. The title of the talk will be "Justice after Genocide: What lessons can we learn from Srebrenica?".

Local co-ordinator of Remembering Srebrenica, Anousheh Haghdadi, will be speaking about her experience of attempts to bring about reconciliation in the wake of the genocide. Trained as a lawyer, Anousheh has worked on human rights issues in South Africa and set up her own youth leadership programme to equip people with skills to bring about positive change in their communities. She has travelled to Srebenica on a number of occasions and has a strong interest in the history of Bosnia-Herzegovina and a growing library of books on the topic! During the evening there will be the opportunity to reflect with Anousheh on what we can learn which is applicable to our own communities. Website:

If you are able to bring food to share, please make sure it does not include meat or alcohol. There is plenty of parking at the venue.

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